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Welcome to Tromsø
- the city of northern lights -

For thousand of years the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis,
has mesmerized us with its colours, movement and beauty.
Let us at Nordis Restaurant Tromsø give you a taste of Northern Norway, inspired by the Aurora, our nature and culture.

We present to you a delicious three course dinner.
See the menu below and make your reservation, you can also download the menu to your device

Northern lights

Reindeer Tataki

Sour cream with horseraddish and lingonberries, flatbred
Allergens: Milk, gluten from wheat, gluten from rye

Grilled Stockfish

With creamy vegetables, potatoes and bacon
Allergens: Fish, mustard

Panna Cotta

With Cloudberries
Allergens: Milk, egg

Price per person: NOK 595

join a norwegian adventure
Experience the amazing northern lights in northern norway
enjoy a great dinner with with great view

With a fantastic location on the quayside in Tromsø city. With panoramic views of the harbour, the Hurtigruten, the The Arctic Cathedral, Fløya and the mountain lift you will enjoy a great meal in great surroundings.